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Many of our clients give us such great feedback about their success with HYPOXI that we just had to put some of them up here!

Leisa Williams-Field

I am a 33yr old mum of 3 boys. When my youngest was 18months…and I was getting sleep I committed to HYPOXI using the VACUNAUT. I lost 33cm off my body and stuck by all the tips that HYPOXI suggests. It truly worked wonders for my core tummy (stretched after 3 good sized babies) region and it toned my legs too. Since doing HYPOXI I have gone on to lose an extra 6kgs with 2kgs to go till my goal/height weight. Never felt better! HYPOXI is worth every cent!

Nicola Dawson

HYPOXI works!! Thanks to HYPOXI, which was the only exercise I was allowed to do when I was battling serious illness and it helped me stay sane during a very difficult time for me, plus improved my butt at the same time – Yay! I Love HYPOXI, it works on my body and on my energy, great time always with the beautiful Caroline who always looks after me and starts my day with a smile. Try it you will get results beyond what you expect.

Victoria Thompson

You guys can be trusted and I know I will be back. But not too quickly as I lost over 30cm in 12 sessions, and could not have been happier or more convinced that HYPOXI works. You even looked after my 3 kids while I did it, see you sometime soon ladies, I kind of miss you xx

Lara Yaremko

I love HYPOXI because it encapsulates exercise and raising my core temperature every time, my results have been great! I am back in a bikini!

Olivia Scott

I love it, it’s the best!!! Will see you girls after the school holidays. Can’t wait.


Amazing results never felt better and healthier 22cm 8kgs in only 12 sessions. Thank you so much Jen and Carolyn I feel amazing I can’t believe how well it has worked. I am so happy! Can’t wait to see the healthier me… 8kgs lost so far and over 22cm Wow. And the support from you both is so amazing. Thanks again guys.

Kylie Mackender-Klievens

I can’t wait to see my results after the 4 weeks and the 12 sessions; it’s so worth the money, it’s already made me feel like a better person all over. Thanks Carolyn, all from your help and diet and HYPOXI machines, ladies you are so awesome, love yas and it’s made my day today. So excited to get my final results on Saturday, I feel I’ve already WON…. My life has changed so much in the last 4 weeks, so bring on my final results. Thanks again to HYPOXI for the great results I’m getting!!! I might have done the work, but without your suggested diet and HYPOXI machines, it wouldn’t have been possible, thanks again ladies (Editor’s note: Kylie lost 56CM + 6KG in 12 sessions)


Love it! Come on HYPOXI…blast my fat!!

Michelle Perera

10 HYPOXI sessions later and I have lost 15cm, never to return, I have also noticed a big difference in the appearance of my skin, it is smoother and firmer. This has spurred me on, I am now following the diet given by the great ladies at HYPOXI Gold Coast and in 7 days have dropped 2.7kgs, also never to return! It is sensible eating which keeping me full and it works. If you want great honest advice that works you must book in to see Carolyn or Jenny. Thanks for all your help and support CC & JC, I am feeling so inspired!

Christine Tabone

If you want to achieve amazing results, within a short time frame, YOU need to check out HYPOXI. If I had not gone through this myself l probably would have thought it was too good to be true. I have lost 69 cm in 12 sessions. Each session is about 30minutes. Caroline provides you with the best support, giving guidance on how to achieve outstanding results, and diet suggestions. HYPOXI has given be back a figure, reducing fat in problem areas. The other benefits you feel fantastic and improves your skin, people really notice. I had a problem for 15 years with my left foot, I tried so many different creams, been to the podiatrist, doctors and had no success, after having 4 sessions of HYPOXI l noticed that my foot had improved the redness subsiding, the skin was smoother and by the 12th session my foot looked healthy and normal. Don’t hesitate, call Caroline. Find out for yourself…it was the best decision l ever made…

Jessica Bevan

HYPOXI is amazing! The results it gives you are unbelievable. I have been coming on and off for 3 years and it actually works. The team on the Gold Coast are supportive and knowledgeable too! You should really try it and see the changes to your body!

Amanda Bell

I have worked in the gym industry for years and have never found a better and easier way to budge that stubborn body fat than HYPOXI I recommend anyone who wants to actually see results to try it! And it’s so easy!!!


It’s so simple to do & the results are amazing…I know firsthand.


Amazing service & store!


Jen and Carolyn…..just got the best feedback being “How do you look 10 years younger all of a sudden”? Me: HYPOXI Bodyzone Gold Coast! Love Jen and Carolyn at HYPOXI Body GC! Jen, you make my workouts fun, and always enjoyable. Love our chats!


I Just did my 1st session at HYPOXI Bodyzone Gold Coast & already looking forward to my 2nd session next week! So full of energy!

HYPOXI Bodyzone Gold Coast

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