Next summer’s beach bodies are created during winter!

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Next summer’s beach bodies are created during winter!

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Want to turn your scales from 75kg to 60kg? Stuff that helps (that we love and we think you will love too!)

One of the reasons that many of us get heavier is simply not tracking & planning what we are eating and really not thinking about what we are doing to our bodies!

You all know the old adage of Poor Planning = Poor Performance!!! Well it applies to food as well!

To lose ONE kilogram per week you will need to create a deficit of around 5000-7000 calories per week.

Don’t be disheartened- if you can do this for 15 weeks & you will be 15 kg lighter! Start now and look great for spring!

This means that if your resting/basal metabolism rate (what you burn doing nothing except for sitting & breathing) is say around 1500 calories per day & you are eating 1500 calories a day you will stay the same weight!

If you would like to read up on and calculate your basal metabolic rate take a look at on this site they explain BMR in plain language and also have a free easy to use calculator where you can enter your weight, height, sex & age and it will give you the best guesstimate of your BMR.

Simple maths hey? So… Now you need to create a deficit by making sure that you are burning up 800-1000 calories a day through activity. Starving yourself is not the answer!

A Hypoxi session will burn between 600-1000 calories so you are sorted on HYPOXI days!

The FAR Infrared sauna burns between 600-1000 calories also so this could be a great alternative way to burn off some fat & relax at the same time!

On days you are not doing HYPOXI or relaxing in the sauna try to get your 10,000 steps in by going for a good half hour brisk walk. The fresh air & sunshine will do you good as well!

Here are a few of our favourite Apps/Pages/Websites that have made our lives easier & will make your weight loss journey easier too!

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