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HYPOXI Memberships

Addicted to HYPOXI? Love your HYPOXI results & never want to leave us? Not all good things have to come to an end! Join as a membership client, from as little as $76 per week & you can HYPOXI forever! That’s less than the price of a Personal Trainer, a Massage, a Manicure, a Blowdry or a night out & will give a far better long term benefit to your body! We would love YOU to experience the long term benefits of continuing to use HYPOXI as your preferred exercise. Improve your circulation, smooth your skin, banish your cellulite, keep your shape & feel amazing! Studies have shown that long term use of vacuum therapy reverses ageing by as much as 10 years….what’s not to LOVE?

Sign up for our half or whole year membership & lock in your 2 or 3 HYPOXI sessions each week & save up to 50% on our casual session prices


  1. All prices quoted above are for our weekly direct debit option, the number of weekly instalments will be 26 for a 6 month memberships or 52 for a 12 month membership. Our direct debit provider is EZIDEBIT.
  2. Your membership starts from the date you do your FIRST membership session, any unused sessions expire 18 months after membership commencement. No refunds are given on unused sessions.
  3. Sessions are for YOUR exclusive use ONLY and are not transferrable to any third party.
  4. Minimum 12hr notice is required to reschedule your appointment time. Short notice cancellation or unattended sessions are forfeited & not refundable or transferrable.
  5. You may cancel your membership any time during the agreed membership period. In the event of this occurrence, we will recalculate the cost of your completed sessions to $50 each & any balance owing to us will be debited to your account accordingly.


Do 3 HYPOXI sessions weekly

  • 6 months (78 sessions) $120 p/w
  • 12 months (156 sessions) $99 p/w BEST VALUE!!!


Do 3 HYPOXI+HDC ‘Combo’ sessions weekly

  • 6 months (78 combo sessions) $225 p/w
  • 12 months (156 combo sessions) $190 p/w


    Do 2 HYPOXI sessions weekly

  • 6 months (52 sessions) $90 p/w
  • 12 months (104 sessions) $76 p/w


Do 2 HYPOXI+HDC ‘Combo’ sessions weekly

  • 6 month (52 combo sessions) $152 p/w
  • 12 month (104 combo sessions) $140 p/w

HYPOXI Bodyzone Gold Coast

Workout SMARTER not HARDER & create YOUR dream body shape quickly.

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